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 Did Balrogs Have wings?

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Did Balrogs Have wings?
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PostSubject: Did Balrogs Have wings?   Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:37 am

Well, I'd like to hear you guys's opinions on this, since It's totally an awesome debate :3

I personally think that they either didn't have wings, Or they had wings that were jsut for decoration.

Quenta Silmarillion, 23 \"Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin" wrote:
"Many are the songs that have been sung of the duel of Glorfindel with the Balrog upon a pinnacle of rock in that high place; and both fell to ruin in the abyss."

The Lord of the Rings, III 5, \"The White Rider" wrote:
"I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place, and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin."

These two Quotes from the Silmarillion And LOTR seem to imply that these Balrogs fell to their deaths, which basically means that they couldn't fly to save themselves.
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Swamp Fox

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PostSubject: Re: Did Balrogs Have wings?   Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:57 pm

I say no because why would J.R.R Tolkien design a beast with bad wings

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Did Balrogs Have wings?
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